Retrieve The Native API Response

Dear Team,

I’m using API Gateway 10.5 and everything works fine until it comes when the native API responded with 404, 405 and an error json model, the API Gateway overrides this error model with "

    "Exception": "API Gateway encountered an error. Error Message:  Native service provider error. Code : 404. Request Details: Service - "


I have tried to set Send Native Provider Fault Message = true, but it displayed an empty response body.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

It seems the native service returns the empty response body.
To confirm that, can you please invoke the native service directly

Thank you Mohammed for your response, but I’m sure that the native service responded with an error model as following:
Status code: 404
{ "statusCode": code, "statusDescription": "NoDataFound", "message": "message_here" }

It looks like you might have configured “Conditional Error Processing” policy with parameters like below. Here $ERROR_MESSAGE is replaced with “Native service provider error. Code : 404”.

If you want to retrieve the native API response, select the “Send Native Provider Fault Message” instead of the json selection.

If the above policy is not configured, then please check your “Default API Fault Configuration” under “Administration → General → API Fault”. Here again,if you want to retrieve the native API response, select the “Send native provider fault” check box.


I’ve configured the API Fault from the Administration section

And added the “Conditional Error Processing” at API Level with only “Send Native Provider Fault Message = true”
But still displaying an empty response body

It’s a “Conditional Error Processing”, so the Error Conditions - Status Code Error Criteria - Code (per code criteria), need to be defined

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