Resultsets from Stored Proc using WmJDBCAdapter

I am using the JDBCAdapter to connect to a UDB 8.1 database. I am making a call to a stored procedure that returns 7 resultsets. In the Developer (6.01) I can only allocate 5 resultsets to be returned.

Is there a way to bump up the maximum number? If not, does this limit exist in version 6.1 of Developer?

If anyone has any insight to this, it would be greatly appreciated!


In the AdapterService panel under Select menu check if result count is set in the Maximum Row box.Actually this value should be set 0,so that all the results will be returned as expected.

This is in Developer 6.01



I have created Dynamic SQL for retrieving data from tables.
and i want to use Maximum Rows option to limit the result sets. I set to 1000 for Maximum Rows. Its working fine.

As per my requirement i have to get this maximums rows input from configuration files. I am not sure how to pass my input values to Maximum Rows filed. In webMethods 6.1, it is a select box. (not allowing to pass any dynamic inputs!)

Please advise.