CONNX SQL Query maxrows

I have a DB file called Staffing with 3717 rows.

I did a select * from staffing {maxrows 5}

I saw via ADABAS REVIEW that my query generated 644 L1 against the Staffing file.

My frontend sees 5 rows due to the maxrows clause.

Where is the maxrows clause being evaluated?

Why are there so many L1 being issued against Adabas? And why only 644 L1? We do have PREFETCH tuned on in the Adabas SQL Gateway.


The data server collects results in 64k batches at a time by default, the client portion will stop fetching batches after the maxrows has been satisfied. This will result in a few more rows being fetched from adabas than indicated by maxrows, but the application will only see the number of rows specified.