JDBC Access Error


I use AdabasSQLGateway(CONNX) from Java Application on Windows.

[JavaApplication] > [JDBC] > [SQLGateway] > [Adabas]

When I execute SQL , Error occurred.

java.sql.SQLException: Unable to get record from table (ADABAS_FILE_9).

Error Executing Query: General Error 1236: Exceeded Record Buffer of 32K.

What is the “Record Buffer”?

help me please.

Without seeing the remainde of the message …

I would say that the total length of the data to be returned (sum of all column lengths) is greater than 32K

Please check file 9 for LOB fields and remove the from the table definiton, as these are not (yet) supported.

Should file 9 be the ‘new’ Employees file, I would recommend using the 'NATURAL’Employees File (usually - File 11)

Thank you for your reply.

I checked file 9 for LOB fields , But there are no LOB fields.
I checked that sum of all column lengths is 33K.

“32K limit” cause of Adabas ? or SQLGateway ?

I want to access a Large data (greater than 32K) by SQLGateway and Java.
I can’t use it ? Is there good method ?

The following restriction apply in the current SQL Gateway Version
these are due to the usage of the ‘older’ ADABAS Call interface (ACB)

  • Open Systems: max. Record Length 64K
  • Mainframe: max. Record Length 32K

These restrictions will be removed, with the usage (planned) of the extended Adabas Interface (ACBX).

Are you trying to retrieve a “row” or “column”, which exceeds the max limit?

In either case - you may want to retrieve the columns using multiple statements; i.e. use ISN_tablename as primary key to other columns.

I understand these restriction. Thank you.

Are you trying to retrieve a “row” or “column”, which exceeds the max >limit?

I want to retrieve a “column” , which exceeds the max limit.
Because I want to store big text documents(law documents , news paper documents etc…)