Result window in Designer Debug Mode


I am using Designer but I can’t get it to display the “Result” window in its Debug mode. How can I get this “Result” window to show up so that I can see outputs as I step into the code? In Developer this exists by default in the Debug view.

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If I am not mistaken, Designer don’t have that, but instead there are other tabs called “Service Result” and “Pipeline Data” that you can refer to

Oh! That would be an awful mistake from SAG. “Service Result” displays the final result of the entire service run and the “Pipeline” displays steps inside the pipeline. Neither displays the mid-process results like Developer does.

Thanks for your reply anyway!

Actually, for Designer, there are a few perspectives’ view you can play with
at [ Window-> Open Perspective ] for different View, try it out, each Perspective provide you with diff interface
at [ Window-> Show View ] for customize item/tab you want to include in

You may get what you want, do explore for the functions in Designer

Yes desginer got that functionality while tracing through service in developer you see results tab, now in designer

While tracing through debug mode results are displayed in “variable” tab and finally after completion of tracing you can see “service results” tab get showed with final values left in pipeline

Yes the above observations are right and its little tricky when it comes to debug/trace in the new improved Designer vs old Developer (easy of doing it) :smiley: