Result of JOIN


I am using the example (find in documentation) for representing JOINS with following X-Query.


It worked well so far but i only get product-data in my result document. Is it possible to form a query to get also a copy of the customer data (in this case with ID=1) AND the product data in a result document?
If it is not possible forming a X-Query may be i have to change the schema?


Sorry but i already found a solution (or my error). I tried the union operator but at first time it did not work because i forget about these numbers following on the right name defined in the example… grrrr

/Order_id[@C_ob_id=1]/@C_ob_id/Customer0/CustomerName | /Order_id[@C_ob_id=1]/@P_ob_id/Product1

so it works fine… may be it could help someone! ;o)