Resubmitting the Guaranteed documents withouts using mywebmethods server

Hi all,
] We are planning to introduce few guaranteed documents into our broker. I know that guaranteed document is wrriten into physical storage in the pub/sub model and also know that inorder to resubmit them, we need to use Mywebmethods server. We are using webmethods 6.5, Borker 6.5 and we don’t have Mywebmethods server in production. I tried to install Mywebmethods server in our testing --> having same webmethods configuration environment
and faced too many errors. I want to know is there any alternative to perform the resubmit of the guaranteed documents to borker again upon failure
without using Mywebmethods servers.


Please take a look to monitor Built-in services guide. You can resubmit from a flow service by using them! :smiley:

Hi Dev,
Thanks for the information