Resubmit Specific Services Only From MWS Based On A Role

Hi Team,

I have a requirement like, we have to provide a page to users , where they can view their respective failed services
and resubmit them. Now what I have done is created a separate User , Group and Role in MWS. Added grants for view and resubmission for that role from permissions management. Tagged that role to the IS MonitorAdminitrators ACL.

Now the issue is since the role is tagged to MonitorAdministrators ACL , hence the User can see all audited services
of the IS in the MWS page, which is not required. We need to make sure that user only sees some specific services which are required.

Please let me know how can we have service specific view from the MWS page per user.

Thanks and Regards
Abir Banerjee

Hi Abir,

here is an outline of the steps for achieving this:

  • remove your custom Role from MonitorAdministrators ACL
  • Enable DLS (DataLevelSecurity) in the configuration of WmMonitor-Package in IS.
  • Add the services, documents, processes the users should see to the DateLevelSecurity section for your custom Role in MWS.
  • Remember to add “All Services”, “All Processes” and “All Documents” to “My webMethods Administrators” Role.

See Monitor Users Guide for further informations.