I am trying to do a resubmit, and the user status changes to ignored and system status is done w/ errors. However the system does not go into waitMDN and finally shown that it has received the MDN successfully.

What ways are there to resubmit?



The resubmit feature in IS/TN/EDI6.1 for EDINT module is not exist.But are you using IS/TN/EDI6.5? which it has feature to resubmit EDIINT payloads.


We are using IS/TN 6.1. Can you tell me how do I resend a document to a trading partner.

I am doing right click and resubmit.


Yep that is the general procedure for resubmitting,but for EDIINT payloads it wont work when you try to resubmit.May be you have to write a custom flowservice which has to query TN DB and grab internalid for that failed document and reprocess to TN for delivery.


Have you tried right-click and Reprocess?

Yes I did…It still didnt work.

I also tried running the ‘change status’ java service to change the status and then reprocess.

BTW,what doctype are you trying to reprocess/resubmit? it sounds in your initial post as EDIINT AS2/MDN??As far i know in IS/TN6.1 manual reprocess/resubmit for EDIINT payloads will not work unless you use IS/TN6.5.


If it is an EDIINT message you are trying to reprocess, then RMG is right, you can’t directly resubmit it and have it delivered. However, you should be able to reprocess the document that triggers the processing rule that invokes the wm.EDIINT:send service and cause a new EDIINT message to be created and, hopefully, delivered. For example, I use the EDI batch functionality in TN, so if I were to find the X12 Envelope with the EDI Batch attribute set I could right-click on it, pick reprocess, and get a new EDIINT message containing that batch. If for some reason you have to have the same message ID as the failed document, this will not help you, obviously.


Thank you rmg, Connertp.

We are using IS6.1 and the document I wanted to resubmit was an EDIINT payload so I understood from what you wrote that I needed a flow service that would send my doc to the TP.

I have found the flow service that would re-submit. Thanks to you my doc has reached them and I have received the MDN successfully.


Very glad to know,it is working now.:slight_smile:

In IS/TN6.5 the EDIINT payload resubmit feature exists…so hope fully when you upgrade to it you can utilize that and which makes life easier …:slight_smile:


HI All,
I have a service which takes a cxml document and converts into an EDI. If this transaction fails in TN due to some errors ( connection failures or device down failure) , I can reprocess that document and it should go through. But these transactions, when reprocessed do not work. They work only if i RESUBMIT . I dont want to resubmit to make it work ( dont want an extra transaction in TN), i just want it to work if I reprocess.

Is their something that needs to be configured in the doc types ? or processing rule ? or the service itself ?

Hi Stepheny,
I encountered a similar issue and it turned out that a value being used by the service that handled the document (X12 Envelope in this case) was present on resubmit, but not on reprocess. The values were in documents created by TN (editn_env or TN_parms I think). Debugging will probably help you locate. I changed to use bizdoc.

It’s at the processing rule level that you have to set the “may have errors” in the recoginition errors part. Mine was checked " Has no errors" which is why i could not reprocess.


Can any one explain the differences between “Resubmit” and “Reprocess”?


Resubmit makes a copy of the document and submits it as though it were a new document.

Reprocess re-executes the processing rule on the same document.

Hi Reamon,

Thank you very much for your great answer.

Also could you please explain me in what situation I have to use Resubmit or Reprocess?

Waiting for your feedback?