Resubmission Not working | instance goes to resubmitted stat


I am using MWS IS

When i resubmit an instance step the instance status moves to Resubmitted but the steps have not been re-executed. FYI, i am resubmitting from a failed step. The problem has been fixed. So it is supposed to re-execute further steps for iteration 2. It updates the instance status from failed to Resubmitted and instance iteration as 2. But if you come below to check the step details, The iteration 2 hasnt really executed.

If i go by my guess. This scenario happens when there is no proper access to resubmit. But i have taken care that the user that i use to login is present in both MWS and IS with Admin priveleges. It is also configured rightly in the WmMonitor homepage.

As per few posts in wmusers, seems there is a PRT fix 5 for this issue, but need a confirmation.

Any Advice pls.


I would recommend posting this question to the BPM Forum: Business Process Management (BPM)