Resubmission From TN

Hi All,

when im trying to resubmit a document type which is of json format from TN , document type sender and receiver is not getting identified.Im seeing this for all type of flat file doc types,

But when i resubmit a xml format document type resubmission is happening successfully

is there anything to do so that i can resubmit the flat file doctypes from TN successfully.

@Amruth_Ruttala Are you trying to resubmit the flat file doctypes to TN ? If so you need to use the gateway service to recoginze your document and get it process with help of TN_params,ffdata and set the (TN_params,ffdata (stream)) .

if i am not wrong are you trying with ? it will work for XML document

Hi Dinesh ,
Im using the same service to send the data to TN .

Its being sent Successfully when the service is being run normally.

But If i want to resubmit from TN ,This is not happening .

I got to know that resubmission for flat file doc types from TN wont work.I want to confirm on that

@Amruth_Ruttala Technically Resubmission of the Flat file doc types to TN will work. You need to handle the same in your flow service which is being called upon reprocessing/submitting/ processing normally from TN.

Resubmitting required additional steps do it set the TN_params manually.

To recognize your document while resubmitting for flat file you are requried to explicitly set the TN_params document

DoctypeName - required
SenderID - required
ReceiverID - required
$receiveSvc (fully qualified service path) - optional

You need to map ffdata & TN_params in the