Resubmission for child service

Is there any way to enable resubmission for a child service from MWS.

Input to Subscriber service is a set of records. Subscriber service(parent service) will post single set of record to target application with the help of a sub-service(child). In case of any error in any set of records, child service(data posting service) to be resubmitted.
Audit logging settings:-
Enable auditing : Always
Log on : Error, success, and start
Including pipleline: On errors only

Thanks in advance…

You can enable the auditing on the “sub-service(child)” and re-submit this service instance on MWS.

Did you face any issues with the above approach?

Hi Mahesh,

thanks for the reply.
Yes I have enabled the child service setting same as that of parent.still issue unable to resubmit the child. But parent resubmission is successful.


My bad (was in an assumption that SAG did support this in new releases but that is not the case), you can resubmit a root-level service (eg., invoked by trigger, top-level service) whose input pipeline was logged and not child services (even though you see the resubmit checkbox enabled on MWS it does not work).

However, there is a workaround to resubmit the child service via WmMonitor. Reach me on email, can provide you with some insights.

@Mahesh_K_Sreenivas , can you please share the work around details