Resubmission a process transition after failure

Hi All,

is there any way to resubmit process transition after problems with connecting to audit database like this:

2022-08-04 08:38:17 CEST [BPM.0102.0002E] Exception:
2022-08-04 08:38:17 CEST [BPM.0102.0359E] d3d71f03-e79e-4074-ab0c-da3710d951f1:1, S94: exception executing step: [98.9998] Exception → 0 com.wm.dd.jdbc.oraclebase.ddej: [SoftwareAG][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]Connection refused, (DESCRIPTION=(TMP=)(VSNNUM=318767104)(ERR=12516)(ERROR_STACK=(ERROR=(CODE=12516)(EMFI=4))))

This error caused that the transition between two process steps was not performed, even though the task correlated with process step had been completed.

We have webMethods version 10.1.


Try to resubmit from MWS .


this won´t help either due to the fact that the needed information is not stored in the database.
You will have to resubmit a step prior to the one where the tranasaction could not be stored.
Additionally check the the database config under JDBC Pools in IS Admin as the error message indicates that the port of the database was not reachable at the moment where the IS (or LWQ auditing resp.) where try to insert the transaction data into the database.