RestorePipelineFromFile Error

I execute the RestorePipelineFromFile and input my filename.

However I got the following error “0000A1 [B2BCORE.0076.0001] BinCoder decode error creating IData wm.ip.util.CValues, using BasicData instead. Excpt:java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: wm.ip.util

Does anyone know how to fix this error ?

Check if the file name that u have specified is existing,.,in the path



Hi Rakesh

The file is existing in …/IntegrationServer/pipeline directory. Apparently there are errors when reading this pipeline file. This file is actually generated from SavePipelineToFile service.

Check if u have given any extension for the filename in savePipeLineToFIle.

There is no need to specify any extension,


Hi Rakesh,

When u d’t specify any extension for RestorePipelineFromFile how does the IS knows that what kind of file it should accept,

Is it must to not to give any file extension,

Satya Dandi


There is no condition like not to give file extension at all. The important thing is u have to use the same filename in both savePipelineToFile & restorePipelineFromFile.

If u used “file.txt” as a filename in savePipelineToFile then u have to specify the same “file.txt” in restorePipelineFromFile service.