Restore Pipeline issue saved automatically

So i got a restorePipeline flow on a service, then i run on debug got the value, after that i changed the value of the document from the restorePipeline, suddenly after i stop the debug the value remains changed not the same as savePipeline value, **i already disabled the savePipeline flow, but it value still change after i restore it back. I just encountered this kind of issue. anyone have this issue as well??

Daily bump im curious if it’s happening to others as well

Hi Vincent,

you might want to consider providing more details on your question.
Which wM version are you using?
Some Screenshots might also be helpful to understand your issue.
Can you provide the outline of the services as well as some details from the debugging sessions?

As long as the saved pipeline exists, the restore will always load this one.
To get rid of the saved pipeline you will have to restart the IS.


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Hi thanks for replying, i think i’ve found out why, the restored pipeline saved the changes of the values without any savedpipeline. It’s because i disabled the savePipeline then i changed the values. i can’t show you the flow because it’s confidential. but thanks for the help sir Holger.

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