restore (override) a flow service called by web service

I have a flow service which is a method of a web service. There is 3 parameters

When I put pipeline debug variable to Save in flow service, I call the web service (from soapUI for example), then I put pipeline debug variable to Restore (override) : only 2 of the three parameters are filled (and I am sure I have filled the three parameters by web service).
Do you know where is the problem ?

Just look what pipeline has been saved (I don’t remember exactly where they are stored), and you’ll see whether the third parameter has been correctly passed to the service. It might be that you mistyped a name or used the wrong case.

OK found !
Thanks for the tricks.
I found the file for the saved pipeline and I understood what is the issue. The name of my variable is “fileName” and it is a special word in restore pipeline because fileName take the name of the service.