Restore of Tamino Database from original files


I want to restore a Tamino database from it?s orginal files stored in the database location, that is, I don?t have a backup of the database only the original files. How do I get Tamino to restore or use these files again? If I put them in the database location the database doesn?t appear in the Tamino Manager.

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Hello Ole,

if I understand correctly, I think that you need to do this:
Open the System Management Hub, expand the Tamino node and the node of the database you want to restore.
Expand the “Backups” node. Hopefully you have a node entitled “Initial”.
If you select the “Initial” node [in the upper-lefthand pane] you will get a Restore button [in the lower-lefthand pane].

If the “Initial” backup isn’t shown in the list, you could create a new database using the backup file that you have.
The backup file to use during creation is specified on the second page of the “Create Database” steps.

Good luck!