recover from crash

hi all,

the system on which my tamino server is installed just crashed, I dont’ have recent backups of my tamino database. Is it ok that I install a tamino on another pc and put my current data files(document and setting/all users/application data/software ag/…) into the new system application data folder? will it work?
if not, is there any other way to get back my database from the data files that I have on the crashed system?


this is definitely not a clean way to go and no guarantees can be taken in this case. In any case you must make sure that the registry entries of the crashed database are correct as well. The easiest way to ensure this is to export these entries from the crashed machine, modify the paths contained and import at new machine. As always, please be careful when changing the registry, and make a backup of the regsitry before you do this.