Restore Archive In API Gateway

Hello Everyone,

I need the community help on Archiving and purging data in API Gateway.

Lets assume i have 2 environments. env abc & env xyz
I have created archive in abc environment, i wan to restore this archive from abc environment to xyz environment. Is it possible ? . If yes then what are the steps.

both environments are running the same version of API Gateway.

And can we stop the restore if we accidently clicked the restore on any environment.


Hi Muhammad,

can you explain in detail how you have set up the achiving?

This will help us to check how to proceed further.


Yes , You can restore .Refer the apigatewayUtil script which is shipped as part of the product.

Yes, As Asked by @Holger_von_Thomsen let us know the current setup and along with that product and fix version to give us right approach

Current Fix version is : Version:

For archiving we got profile-icon>administration>manage data>