REST Service does not provide valid XML response

Product/components used and version/fix level are you on:

webMethods IS 10.5

Detailed explanation of the problem:

I have created a flow service that returns a document. To create a REST service I have added a REST Resource and a REST API Descriptor. Within the Descriptor I have added that it can return application/json and application/xml.
So far you can set the Accept header to json or xml. The problem is that some fields of my document, that is returned by the flow service behind the REST API, can contain a “&” sign. The API Descriptor does return XML if the Accept header is set to application/xml but then a field will contain the “&”, e.g. test & test and this is not a valid XML document. The “&” should be returned in an encoded way.

Can anyone help me how to achieve that I get valid XML? Only solution so far would be to return an XML string instead of the document but this would break the JSON possibility.

This is a known issue and fixed in IS_10.5_Core_Fix23.

But this fix is not available yet?

Its not available yet. But the issue will be resolved in that fix.

Is there any information when this fix will be available? That non working REST service is really a pitty and I might need to create some workaround.

You may want to create a ticket instead of working on the work around. They can enable an early fix for your issue.

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