REST API - Methods links to Integration.

Hi there,

in WMIC - Develop - REST API’s - it is possible to define a inbound REST Service with different HTTP methods (GET,POST,etc). But it is not possible to define different Integrations (Services) for each method. It seems SAG expects me to handle all methods in one Integration. But then I should provide body input signature for GET and POST methods. This seems stupid. Is this a gap in WMIC design? What is the idea behind this? How to design this?

I don’t want to add an additional resource path to my API, because it is the same resource.



Hi Alex,

Defining different methods for different methods is definitely possible.

You might be missing something. What is the approach you are following? Are you creating the REST API from Swagger? or else you are creating the integrations and exposing them as REST API?


Hi Srikanth,

I’m usind wM Integration Cloud - Create REST API from Scratch. And it is not possible. Swagger first approach is a workaround which works but it requires lot of work in front of creating the API. That is hardly to accept.In on-prem it is possible. I thing this is a disign gap.

Maybe I’m wrong. See in my whitepaper.I wanted to approach it intuitively.


Whitepaper - REST API on WMIC (1).pdf (1.54 MB)

Hi Enns,

I see what you pointed out. Let me check why this is not exposed on Cloud and get back to you.