Response could not be built for XML access. / Interpreting t

Hi. Since yesterday we are getting these nested exceptions in our system, in some concrete points of the system but not in a reproducible way.

The problem happens when retrieving a single document with a cursored query. Sometimes this error pops up at com.softwareag.tamino.db.API.accessor.TXMLObjectAccessorImpl.query(Unknown Source) , with version of the API. Document read is about 2Kb size, object model is DOM, cursor size is 1, and isolation level is protected with lockwait (read is made for updating the document). Document has also been just updated by other threads (servlets) when excepcion arises.

Apparently, when the code retries the read everything goes well.

Before yesterday this had never happened with this version of the API. We installed some changes to the system, but I don’t get to see an actual relationship.

Checking the Apache log, I found that this is always associated to a response of just FIVE bytes from Tamino/Apache; e.g. - intObralia [10/Oct/2002:18:38:32 +0200] “POST /tamino/FerroB2B/IntObralia/ HTTP/1.1” 200 5

5 bytes looks like a weird response (Tamino version on Win2K) and explains quite well the Java error, but I can’t see anything in anything else in any server log or the Tamino Manager.

I’ve seen this error in other forum posts, but not with this erratic behavior.

Maybe I’ll insert a retry handler or something, maybe rebooting the BD will do fine, but does anybody have any ideas? Thank you very much.