Query problems

I have a big problem with queries.

I made everything like in the example but most queries throw this Exception:

I have the same problem with two diffrent DBs (4.4 local, 4.2.1 at a server) and queries and xqueries

The code:

		TConnectionFactory connectionFactory = TConnectionFactory.getInstance();
		connection = connectionFactory.newConnection( "http://loacalhost/tamino/testserver" );	
		accessor = connection.newXMLObjectAccessor( TAccessLocation.newInstance( collection ) ,				   TJDOMObjectModel.getInstance() );
		TQuery query = TQuery.newInstance( "doc/node" );
		TResponse response = accessor.query( query );

Do the respective queries work without problem using Tamino Interactive Interface? Or just plain URL addressing of the form:


Is it possible that the problem is the size of the result?
All queries are tested and it works with “doc/node/data” but not with “doc/node”!

A node Element is about 500kb big