[Resolved] Cumulocity IoT Cloud 10.5.0 possible Performance issue during Upgrade and Restart

In this announcement, we want to inform our customers operating on-premise Cumulocity instances about possible performance issues we have experienced in some cases during upgrade to version 10.5.0 of the public Cumulocity cloud instances. Depending on the applications deployed into a Cumulocity instance the upgrade procedure might take longer than usually expected. This can also apply during restart of core nodes on a freshly installed platform. Because of this possible issue we want to discourage upgrades of on-premise and private cloud instances for now. We’ll update here again when the fix has been made available.
In case of urgent needs to update your cloud instance, please contact the Software AG support.

Update Nov 26, 2019:
The issue related to performance of platform upgrade has been resolved in version, which is now available. For release notes see Release Notes.