Reset Service Usage

Hi All,

Is there any way to reset the service usage shown in IS Admin ??
Actually, we have an application which processes huge amount of data in our test runs, and it would be convenient if we can reset the service usage before starting our testing each time, so as to make sure we do not miss out on any data. I searched on internet before posting here, but did not find anything helpful.


Interesting question… I did some search on the tables of IS Core Audit, IS Internal and Xref but couldn’t find this information being stored in any tables, or atleast I am not able to figure out the table… Not sure how is it really captured in IS Admin page… wm.server.cache:resetCache is used to clear the cache of IS service but not the service usage history…


Take a look at the classes, especially the EventManger class. There might be some pointers in there. I suspect this information might be not in the database but on a broker queue.


I wonder if a reload of a package would reset the usage stats (which I believe are all kept in memory only).