Requirement Gathering

WM Forum Members,

My client recently purchase webMethods 9x product suite

Are there standard guideline for the functional and non functional requirements for a webMethods implementations?

  • I have to implement EAI and B2B end to end webMethods implementation which includes WM components such as
    • IS, TN(MWS),Broker Source/Target systems : SAP Siebel, DB

Implementation base on below model’s

  • Pub- Sub model
  • FTP
  • web Service call
  • EDI (B2B) calls

Can someone please help me with guideline to gather functional/non functional requirements?

Hi Vinay,

please check the System Requirements Guide for your specific wM Version:

There Adapters available for SAP and DB (JDBC).
For most of your requirements IS will do the trick.
From older experiences I would suggest to connect the Siebel systems via WebServices.
For EDI/B2B you will need to install TN on top of the IS.

MWS is used as a frontend for monitoring and administration of most of the components.

Regarding Broker:
As Broker 9.6 is the last version (still supported though) I would suggest using Universal Messaging instead.
This one supports Pub/Sub meanwhile.

Regarding SAP:
You will need to download SAP JCo 3 API from SAP Marketplace for you platform.
Ask the SAP-Team if they can provide you with an appropriate user or if they can download the API for you.