Request Reply adapter service

Can anybody help me to use Request-Reply adapter service?

I have two different MQ for request and reply, both having same connection details. I am facing problem to assign ReplyToQ value dynamically. I don’t want to hardcode ReplyToQ.
Suppose I have MQ-123456 and 654321 both having same host, Qmanager etc. Now, if I hardcode ReplyToQ as 654321 then messages are getting processed. But my concern is if I don’t hardcode that ReplyToQ is there any process to assign ReplyToQ dynamically?


Dear Mdali,

Please you can find in 6.5 MQ Dveloper and user guide to Congigure queue name at run time.


please precise your request.

By which details do the 2 MQ differ:

  • QM-Name
  • Channel-Name
  • Queue-Name
  • Host
  • Port

Which Error message do you get when you try to dynamically assign the reply queue during run time?

If possible, you should have to sets of connections:

  • one for receiving the messages
  • and one for the different reply queues

Please provide version of MQ-Adapter with FixLevels as well as the version of the MQ Libs.


Hi Vishwadeep,

Thank you for your information.
I also have gone through this document but tested this scenario. But unfortunately it is not working.

I have provided ‘MQ1 MQ2’ in Queue name field and also using debug log traced that MQname. My observation is it is fetching only the first queue.
Testing is getting failed with error message ‘Error Log : [ISS.0086.9091] Parameters xmldata, $filestream and $filedata are all missing. One of these must not be null.’

Hi Holger,
The only difference is that of MQ name. Remaining things are exactly same.

Suppose, I am moving my code from one environment to another. And My MQ name varies from environment to environment. So I want to know whether I can handle this without touching the code and just by changing queue name in MQ connection from IS-Admin.

I also have tried the way it is documented (mentioned in my previous post) but unable to implement successfully.

Appreciate you help.