MQ Request/Reply adapter locks the response queue

I´m using the Request/Reply adapter service in the Websphere MQ adapter (v6.0), in a realtime system and I have run into some performance issues.

I have defined multiple mq connections to the same host (for load balancing) since the Request/Reply adapter locks the connection during the whole process.

The problem is that the Request/Reply adapter service exclusively lock the response queue, so while connection_1 is looking at the queue it prevents connection_2 from looking at the same queue until connection_1 has either received its response or gets a timeout.
=> serial (single threaded) behaviour.
The adapter service has an option: “Open Queue in shared Mode”, but it does not seem to make any difference :frowning:

Responses must be delivered within <3s, so it´s vital that multiple connections can simultaneously look at the same queue.

One temporary solution (not a good one though) is of course to define more response queues.

Does anyone know of there is a way to come around this?
Any help is appreciated.


I’m trying to use MQ req/reply adapter.Could u please help me in explaining the whole process i,e;the flow of the services and the minimum configurations…

Thanks in advance,

For detailed info on the MQ Adapter and how to use the adapter, please refer to the following documentation from WM: