Request Email Receipt

Does anyone know if there is a way to request an email receipt once the email is read using a webMethods service. I am sending out an email with a file attachment and I want to make sure that the email is reaching it’s destination and is being read. If the receipt is turned on an email should be returned once the email is opened. I have not been able to find anything on this. Thanks for the help!!!


I dont think you can do this via Email port.After you sent email attacment to the recipient and upon receiving it then they have to send either manual or auto confirmation mail as a response back to your email port.But i think this sounds not a good approach.

May be someone else will share the solution if they have done this type of typical requirement.


Thanks for the reply RMG!! If I can find anything I will post it.


I did some more looking and was not able to find a solution to my question. I am taking a different route with the vendor so we will not be needing the receipt back.

Thanks for your help