request and response architecture

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  1. Can anyone give the breif clarification regarding request and response type message in WM. How can we archive this request and response type.

  2. Can u anyone help me to do sample scenario regarding adapter notification. If anyone have the documentation plz send it to me.

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Basically you have to go thru all the basic webMethods IS documentation libraries for understanding of Request/Response scenario using webMethods.Then post your technical questions in a new thread and users will respond accordingly.

Regarding general Adapter notification scenario see either Broker Publish-Subscribe Developers Guide or JDBCAdapter user documentation.

You can download all the WM libraries from Advantage. required to download the docs).


Regarding general Adapter notification scenario, JDBCAdapter user Guide documentation is the best Conceptual Document. Try using this, If you have any technical problem, post your question in a thread.


The Publish-Subscribe Developer’s Guide covers request/reply (pseudo-synchronous) operations. This is useful for “near real-time” interactions. This guide is located in Developer\doc\guides in your Developer installation.

If you’re more interested in long running transactions such as EDI/RosettaNet/cXML/etc. interactions where multiple documents are exchanged over time in a single “conversation” then you’ll want to look at Trading Networks and/or Modeler for possible approaches.