Reprocessing EDI 850 docs


We have Edi 850’s going from our company to our trading partners. Some times some our the docs do not go through and have to be reprocessed manually.

Looking at the activity log, it shows

System status is DONE; user status is SendMsg:ERROR.

“Task 54i3mh001guts38v00001q1m failed at Jul 5, 2006 4:50:38 AM: Probable reason for failure - Delivery service for 54i3mh001guts38v00001q1m failed with a status of fail and status message of 500 Internal Server Error. 5 more retries left”.

Any idea why this is happening


How are you delivering the documents?

I belieive you are sending EDI docs via EDINT AS2.For reprocessing failed payloads you have to create a custom service that will query the TN DB and search for error docs like UserStatus with “SendMsg:ERROR”,internalId’s and some conditions to reprocess the docs in a batch or single routing.And schedule this custom service on certain intervals for automated reprocess.

In IS6.5 IS/TN EDI module provides a default feature to reprocess the failed or pending EDIINT payloads from TN Console itself.

Just few thoughts,.


Hi all,
Iam trying to reprocess a EDIINT document in 6.5 version and the status is showing ignored.
I created a failed transaction by changing a parameter in the input file. I corrected the input file and reprocessed the transaction from TN. But it’s selecting a default processing rule (error in acitivity log) and hencethe user status is “ignored”. Can someone tell me the solution for this ?


It’s likely that the edits to the input file have changed it such that TN can no longer recognize and extract the right attributes. In transaction analysis, does it show that it recognized the document? Was it able to extract the sender and receiver? If not, editing the file to correct the format and/or identifiers would be the thing to do.

Side note: for new queries like this, it is better to start a new thread rather than extend an old, unrelated thread.

OK, I will do that from next time.
Actually i corrected the input file and then only reprocessed. But it failed.
The document is not being recognized and hence its selecting a default processing rule. So May be it’s not recognizing the sender and reciever.


Did you make sure the edited input file for sender/receiverid’s and qualifiers doesn’t have any extra spaces in X12 payload…Check the processing rules/profile externalid’s setup aswell whether they are 200% accurate or not…


“The document is not being recognized…”

Focus on getting TN to recognize the doc type first, then you can work on the identifiers (if necessary).

It’s possible that your edits caused end-of-line markers to be added to your file. For EDI, this can be a bad thing especially on windows. The segment delimiter can only be a single character. If you used Notepad or some similar editor then it might have placed a CR/LF pair on each line–this will negatively impact the parser.

Terminology alert: reprocess and resubmit have very specific meanings and differing behavior within TN. Are you editing the document and resending it to TN for processing? When you say you are “reprocessing” what specifically are you doing?