RepoV2 migration from file-based to database with RosettaNet


In order to implement clustered installation of our production integration platform (V6.1), we have decided to move the repository from file-based to database.
According to “webMethods Integration Server Clustering Guide” it is not possible to move from file-based to JDBC-compliant type (p70).
We therefore have to create a new repository, but would like to minimize loss of data/settings.
Does anyone know whether the RosettaNet adapter uses the repository for configuration purpose ?
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HI Emmanuel,
The RosettaNet Module does not use the Repository for its configurtions. All the RosettaNet config information is stored in the TN database and config files in the file system. So moving from a repo to jdbc should not cause any problem in terms of the RosettaNet adapter!
Hope this helps

Thank you for your prompt reply,
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