Repository-Based Deployment- using deployer wm8.2

I am working on some POC for Repository-Based Deployment.

Can some one explain what exactly we need to do.

I followed the below steps:

1.Create Project given the name:XXX and Project Type: Repository
2.Deployer–>Repository–>Add Repository–>

  • Name :svn
    Repository Type :FlatFile(unable to edit)
    File Directory :(how to specify file directory?) SVN directory:?? \\Deploy or D:\Deploy\

3.In define step–> I have selected the
Select Repository:

Select Repository Alias

throwing the error :svn (Unavailable: Repository Index is missing. Please create the index for the Repository.)

I was unable to select the components/packages from svn to deploy to target system.

Could you please help me in this. How to proceed?

In the Deployer --> Repository next to the repository that you’ve created you’ve got button: “Create Index”.
When you would press this green arrow - the index would be created and you won’t have the error anymore.