Report enumerations set in an IS

I am looking for a method to list out all the documents with all the enumerations set in a Integration Server. I want to list enumerated variables and their assigned values.
Because of my shell script background I looked for a way to parse the
ndf file itself. But that looks complicated.
Is there any way through webMethods services I can do that?
Do I have to parse the ndf file for this ?
What inbuilt services could I use ?

My approach till now:
I had few other requirements for which I used shell script,grep and sed to extract data from .ndf file and finished with csv files that were good.
For listing out enumeration again I found that a tag like:
C is present where C is the enum value.
This is my first post so appologies if looks unstructured.


Ok, Now I have the list of all the documents that have enumerations set for one or more fields. Is there a way to list out which fields and what are the values set for them.


One way i can think of: use /pub.schema:createXSD to convert it to XSD, then you can use java api to read XSD, then you will extract enumerations.
Hope you can make it work.

Thanks Thongwang,
I will soon let you know how it ended up…

Maybe if I (we) understand what you want to achive… as I don’t understand at ALL.

Internally webMethods uses IDATA, and provide services for converting to XML, check

Specially pay attention to page 151 "You use the elements in the document folder to perform operations on documents in the pipeline. "

Might you explain what are your needs?

What I want is to have listed down all the documents that have enumerations set. Also want to list what variables are enumerated and with what values.
Apologies if I am making no sense… maybe I am using wrong terminology as I am new to WM

But a document by itselves only has the data structure definition without any value.

If that document is used during the processing of a flow, it will contain the data.

Again I have no clue what you want to achieve.

The string variable inside a document can have values set before process.
check image…here Type has enumerations…
“Living with Parents”

hope now I am more clear on my requirement. I want to list all such Documents set with the enum values set for variables in a file (ascii or csv)

Sorry, I could not upload the image…
But if you see through any developer client, open a document, select a string in that document. Now look at the properties pane. Click on content type if enumerations are set it would display in popped up properties window I am refering to those enumerations

Part of the confusion may be terminology: the question is about document types (definition), not documents (run-time instance).

Exactly… Thanks a ton Reamon. This would help me search over right direction.
Anyone got a clue now …
How to list enumerations that are set for a document types.
Hope this time I am correct in terminology :slight_smile: