Replacement services

Hello Experts,

Can anybody please suggest with the replacement services/Fields/Class/Interfaces/Methods for the following:

Deprecated Fields: OUTCOME_OK and OUTCOME_ERROR.
Deprecated Class: TaskSearchQueryTerm
Deprecated Interface: ITaskData
Deprecated Method: IDirectorySession

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Lavnaya,

please provide the version you are referring too.

Please provide the full class names incl. the package structure as there are two classes TaskSearchQueryTerm.
Please provide the method name incl. input parameter structure for IDirectorySession as IDirectorySession is an Interface class.

You can check these informations by downloading the CAF_and_MWS_Java_API_Reference from the product documentation area available via Empower.

I assume that you are referring to OUTCOME_OK and OUTCOME_ERROR in the class com.webmethods.caf.faces.bean.BaseFacesBean.
These have been deprecated with the following information in 9.12:

With JSF2, the outcome of an action is generally expected to be null or the name of the page to redirect to.

Instead of checking for OUTCOME_OK and OUTCOME_ERROR you should check for the outcome of the action for null (=Error) or for the existence of the name of the page to redirect to (=OK).


Thankyou Holger,

We are using wM10.1,and the full class names are as follows:
com.webmethods.caf.faces.bean.BaseFacesBean for Outcome_Ok/Error. for IDirectorySession.


Hi Lavanya,

as of 9.12 none of the mentioned classes or interfaces is deprecated completely except for the static variables OUTCOME_OK and OUTCOME_ERROR in BaseFacesBean.

As you were asking for a deprecated method in IDirectorySession in your original post it is difficult to verify that without knowing the name of the method and its signature. There is at least one deprecated method in IDirectorySession, which has a replacement with the same name but a different signature.

I did not check the Java API Reference for 10.1 as we are currently doing our migration to 9.12 and will be migrating to 10.x eventually in the future.


Are you sure this is correct? My understanding is that returning NULL from an action means the same page should be displayed.

Hi FML2,

here it is the excerpt from 9-12_CAF_and_MWS_Java_API_Reference\com\webmethods\caf\faces\bean\BaseFacesBean.html:

Under the Field Summary you will find this:

protected static String OUTCOME_ERROR 
With JSF2, the outcome of an action is generally expected to be null or the name of the page to redirect to.
protected static String OUTCOME_OK 
With JSF2, the outcome of an action is generally expected to be null or the name of the page to redirect to.

Unfortunately there is no information, how outcome=null should be interpretated.
Looks like this is related to the introduction of OpenCAF (aka JSF2) to achieve compatibility with JSF2-based projects.


Any CAF experts here? I’ve built a small example, and, after returning NULL from an action, the same page is displayed. Is this the intended behaviour?

Hi ,

That is the intended behavior, if you not defined any Navigation in configuration and if you return null it returns to the same view.

If you have defined a Navigation and return specific navigation label the transition happens to respective view in all other cases it navigates to the same view.