Replace Screen position value with new value - Step

Hi All,

I am using Applinx 5.2

In one of our step i want to check the condition in a screen element like below

if the string is in <> and screen contains “BR1-D BR2-U BR3-U” value then we need to replace value like "BR2-U BR3-U " on the screen, same case if the screen contains “BR1-U BR2-D BR3-U” then we need to replace value like “BR1-U BR3-U” etc.

Is there any way we can split using space and store the value in array and see if last value is U or D ?

Appreicate your quick response


Hello Mr. Krishna,

By using existing ‘String Helper’ expressions and some regular ‘Assignment’ and ‘Workflow’ nodes you can create a procedure that receives a string input and produces an array as an output.
String Helper expressions:
• Using the ‘strIn’ expression you can retrieve a position of a given string (in your case, space – " ")
• Using the ‘subString’ expression you can extract strings from the original input, using given indexes
‘Assignment’ and ‘Worflow’ nodes:
• Using the ‘Object’ node you can create temporary variables to store temporary strings and index values
• Using the ‘While’ node you can iterate over the string, checking the current index of the ‘space’ index

Also, we highly recommend to upgrade to ApplinX latest version (8.2), as version 5.2 is out of support.


Gad Salner