Repeated error messages


I am trying to identify the source of a problem we currently have in regards to error messages that we keep getting. It seems that every 30 minutes there are a bunch of transactions that are occuring. These transactions generate errors in the error log because the code is trying to make a division by a value that is not a number. This bug has been fixed in SAP so it should not longer be an issue but I still see error messages every 30 minutes.

I’ve been trying to capture the pipeline of these transactions to view the data that they contain. Here’s what I know :

  • The IDOCs of these transactions were all initially triggered prior to the date of a fix that was put in place for this transaction.
  • I’ve been able to capture two pipelines at 1hour interval that are the same IDOCs
  • Nothing is coming out of SAP at the time these transactions occur
  • There is nothing in scheduler that could initiate this
  • There are a bunch of documents (around 10) that are processed at every 30 minutes

Can anyone think of anything that could cause wM to try to reprocess these old transactions?


Some type of polling notification with a polling interval of 30 minutes and documents that have an infinite time-to-live might do this.


Turns out that there was a queue with transactions that were in error between SAP and webMethods in SM58. There was an SAP job that tried to resubmit these transactions that were in error every 30 minutes but because of the invalid data, it kept erroring out.

Thanks for the suggestion! Very close, but no cigar! :wink:

Hi Experts,

In my project the requirement is like SAP sends iDOCs to wM and wM sends Ack back to SAP. But if there is any data issue/mapping issue, how to classify it from wM infrastructure issues. Please help me with some sample SAP data error codes/points of failure.

Thanks in advance.


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