Remote environment libraries from a plugin

Does anyone know of a way to get a list of the available libraries in a remote environment when using a plugin?
I currently have a plugin that obtains the list of local libraries using the USR1054 API, and using the various objects available to a plugin can obtain, activate, change, etc. environments, as well as logon to remote libraries, but is there a way to just obtain a list of remote libraries available without opening another window (tree or list view)?


No, apparently this is not possible with the currently published interfaces. Obviously there must be functions in the Utility protocol ‘CMPALUTL’ to get this and other information from the development server, because Natural Studio itself will need them, but these are not officially documented. We can just hope that they will be made available for public use in the near future…

I use RPC (EntireX with Natural RPC server on mainframe). It is very usefull together with plugins.

Thanks guys,

I know with the next version (v6.2) we are supposed to be able to use CMPALUTL for limited RPC-like functionality using only NDV as the remote server, but I don’t know if it will also include documentation on using existing functionality like library and object lists. I am currently also using RPC calls to get the required information, but it would be nice to not need to rely on having external resources available.