Release schedule for 65

Does anyone know where to get a timetable for the webMethod 6.5 release schedule? It’s east to figure out what has been released, but I don’t know how to figure out when a new package (e.g. prt, portal) will be released.


Here is the link for WM products release announcements…(Register your self in this site).Generally it will be update very often for any new product releases/Adapters/patches etc…

ReleaseInfo:Release Announcements and Technical


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Thanks … perhaps I should have been more specific, but I do subscribe to the release bulletin. However, it seems to me they just talk about today’s releases, not upcoming release dates.

Most SW companies I know of can talk in advance about the release of their products. For example, they might say I am releasing September 15th and we will have these new features. webMethods seems to randomly decide when different packages come out (unless I am missing something). I am trying to figure out if my company should plan on upgrading to 6.5 before production, but I need adequate time to test with the upgraded release. Because I have no advance notice this is hard to do.

I have to say that I’m not thrilled with the trickle-out release plan for 6.5. Now, I know the alternative is to wait until all components are ready to ship and that’s probably more frustrating (and hurts sales).

Not sure whether this is a one-time thing due to some product testing issues or the way things will be from here on out.

I agree that better information about when various components will be shipped are essential to the successful perception of the “trickle out” plan by customers.


Try this webinar on product road map…

If this dont help may be you should get in touch with your contact in wM to keep u abreast on what’s coming in near future.


Well, I got some info from webMethods. Since it seems to be such a secret, I thought I’d share. Hope someone finds this useful.

  • End of September (~27th): GA for Modeler/PRT, Workflow, Monitor
  • Mid-November: GA for Optimize and Manager
  • December: GA for Servicenet

The following components of Fabric 6.5 are currently GA:

  • Integration Server (including Adapter Run Time)
  • Developer
  • Trading Networks
  • webMethods for Microsoft Package (.NET)
  • Mainframe
  • Portal
  • Installer
  • Broker
  • Deployer

It looks like I missed the announcement but Modeler, Monitor, PRT for version 6.5 became generally available on Dec 4th, 2005. Now that IS 6.0.1 is due to lose support at the end of March, 2006 - there should be plenty of people doing upgrades from 6.0.1 to 6.5. I’m working an upgrade as well.

Does any one have list of all new features in webMethods 6.5 platform with respect to 6.0.1?
If any one is having check list for upgrading 6.0.1 to 6.5, pls provide.
Thanks in advance…