IS 61 Features List

Does anyone have a list of the features expected to be included in the 6.1 release currently targeted for the end of January 2004?

Among other things, I am interested in whether Windows Server 2003 will be supported by IS in 6.1.

I am fully aware that features may be added or removed from the release until the day it ships, that the ship date may not be in January and that my mileage my vary.


webMethods confirmed today that the 6.1 release will support Windows Server 2003.

Some other items planned for 6.1 include significant performance enhancements for publish and subscribe integrations and new services for better async pub-sub integrations. Developer’s usability and look and feel also get a major update. I got to see the new Developer UI during a WmDotNet webEx the other day and really liked what WM has done in this area.

The “roadmap” presentation given at IW2003 is not yet available on Advantage, but I think it should be soon. This presentation provided high level plans for the 6.1, 6.5 and release-after-6.5 versions as well as details about adapter plans.


Does anyone know if there are any security updates with 6.1 version? I know they have now partnership with nCipher to improve wM security model.? Any info on that?


Is there some place we can get more info on the 6.1 plan?

We are currently scheduled to upgrade to 6.01 by mid-jan and I am trying to see if 6.1 might be worth the wait, give that we will have to test everything again!


Yes. I think your webMethods systems engineer or sales rep can arrange a special WebEx for your company upon request. Based on the unique set of needs for my current client, it appears that they would be better off to wait for 6.1.

One day they’ll get the product and adapter roadmaps up on Advantage, but those presentations were not available as of a few minutes ago.