Regarding Webmethods Update Manager

Dear All,

Anyone having Webmethods Update Manager Detail Step… Pls Forward me to me in Mail ID / Post Here

Thanks & Regards
Aneel Chaladi

Hi Aneel,

You can refer to the below SAG documentation on SUM.


HI Yogesh,

I m having this PDF… While Installing im getting this Error Can you Help me with Detail Step

Please Its very Urgent to me

Error Msg

The fixes listed below might be applicable for this installation but do not exist on the image.
Add the listed fixes to your image and try again.

wMFix.OPT.centralConfiguratorUI_10.1.0.0006-0114 requires wMFix.OPT.DesignerBAM_10.1.0.0006-0000

Hi Anil,

Issue : Its clear that the image file does not have the required fixes for the installation.

Resolution: Better to take fresh Image file from empower and try reinstalling.

If the issue still persists ,please post the exact error message so that it will easy for to rectify.

Santhosh Sunkari.