regarding oraclescripts

why should we run oracle scripts for tna and what is the relation between tn and oraclescripts can anyone please expalin?:slight_smile:

TN uses the database to store configuration and run-time data. The scripts define the various DB objects needed for TN to run. The wM documentation covers this.

How to submit an edi document to the trading partener through TN?
How to receive an EDIDoc from tradingpartner through tn?


Are these queries interview related or just you wanted to know?? Anyways…

How to submit an edi document to the trading partener through TN?
→ You can either develop a flow with service
–>You can either submit the EDI sample thru ISAdminConsole/WmEDI homepage submit document to TN.

How to receive an EDIDoc from tradingpartner through tn?
—> (service)

Always pl check the webMethodsTradingNetworksUserguide.pdf for more information on how to get use with TN and its functions.


Please read the wM EDI and TN documentation. It covers this info quite nicely. There are even sections named “Submitting EDI Documents to Trading Networks via X” where X is a particular protocol.

sir i want to know tre flow and how to do it can u send me in brief how to work on it to my mail
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or can u explain me through the forums
any thing would be more helpfull to me
thanking u sir

The forums are not the right place for learning the basics. If you run into trouble following the documentation or during your development, please feel free to post your specific questions.

The documentation is the most helpful resource you have at this point. Please make an effort to read through it.

hi reamon,
i dont have that document i dont have many the prevous you have sent me for a query on broker i havent found it and now i have not found this document too
plz send me the flow or more precise or can you explain me this

You really need to get the documentation. It is available on Advantage. These forums are not a good substitute for the documentation.

Hi Rmg,
As you suggested to use service for outbound an edi doc to TP but it works for xml doc not for edi i think so.

Can you give an exact process to submit an EDI Doc to the Trading Partner please.

routeXml works just fine for EDI. PLEASE read the documentation.

Fine its working!

  1. Read the documentation (if your need is urgent, do this right away!).
  2. If you get stuck on something, feel free to post questions on the specifics.


The service will work for EDI documents also…You need make sure you send edidata(variable) in the pipeline for the input of routeXML.