Regarding EmpConnector for event Subscription from salesforce event bus

Hi Experts,

We are working on webMethods 9.9 cluster environment and our requirement is to subscribe events from salesforce event bus.
To connect to salesforce event bus, we have created a Java service in webMethods. The service is working fine and we can read the messages successfully.
My concern is when we are enabling the Lister on both IS nodes present in the cluster environment, we are getting duplicate events from salesforce. Can someone please assist me on how I can avoid listening events twice?

Thanks in advance.


Are you using CloudStreams Salesforce connector or CloudStreams streaming capability to connect to Salesforce?

Please specify. If you are not using these, then it may not be directly related to CloudStreams.


Thanks Vatsal,

No we are not using CloudStreams Salesforce connector or CloudStreams streaming capability to connect to Salesforce, as it was creating a synchronization issue in our application and that issue is resolved in webMethods 10* version only.

Ok, this group is for CloudStreams related queries.

If you are using Salesforce adapter or some other webMethods product, you can ask that in the appropriate group for a quick response.


Thanks Vatsal,

I have already posted the query under different group.

Thanks once again for the assistance.

Can someone share the java service code to connect to salesforce to listen to streaming events

Here is the link to download source code -


This source code is having few issues which you might need to fix by your own and those are -

  1. Expose and add connector.stop() under finally block in you java code (to avoid multiple JVM thread issue)
  2. Increase buffer size under src/main/java/com/salesforce/emp/connector/ class; function name is maxBufferSize() (to ensure listener won’t stop reading the events after certain duration)

Thanks Nivedita . But this code will require salesforce classes to be imported and create java service …which client will not allow.
I am looking for webMethods ESB callback service implementation which is not proprietary and acceptable to client…e.g REST / SOAP API…

I think its a scheduler issue in your cluster and can you check if the scheduler (configuration) was created to run on any server or all nodes?