Reg: Natural Debugger

I am unable to set the watch point for a variable in the debugger.

It says “No Symbolic Information for PRG1” while opening the debugger.

I am able to set up the break point but not able to set up the watch variable, which i want to track thru the flow of the program.

Could anyone help me out with this issue?

Have you tried turning SYMGEN to ON in NATPARM and restowing the program?


I encountered the same some days ago even when the SYMGEN is ON !!! I restowed several times my programs but result unchanged. However, it suddenly worked after lunch. I don’t know why.

It was when trying to debug under SPoD my programs residing in remote UNIX machine.


It’s just a wild guess: Maybe this problem has to deal with the Bufferpool. Just try to turn it off by setting BPSFI to OFF in your Natural Parameter Module.