Reg: Data Migration from Adabas/Mainframe to Adabas/Windows


Please see below , the following are the steps i did to transfer data from adabas/mainframe to adabas/NT

  1. DECOMPRESSED data using ADACMP. (e.g - Decompressed say 10,000 records which has got Thai characters)
  2. FTP using binary mode onto PC.
  3. Used CVT_FMT -f <.binary file name> dbid filenumber. ( e.g. - All 10,000 records we received in output file)
  4. Using DBA Workbench, File structure is created from the FDT structure that we get from ADACMP.
  5. We used COMPRESS option from MENU from DBA Workbench to load the data into this file. (e.g. - All 10,000 records were loaded)
  6. When we see the all the records using Natural, we are able to see junk characters in place of Thai characters. All numeric fields were holding right data. English characters were also visibile.

after completing all the steps. when i browse the data using Natural Data browser i am not able to see the thai characters. i need solution very badly. Any setting in adacmp to recogonize the thai characters.

Can you please read the answers already provided to you rather than posting the exact same question multiple times in different places ?

Thank you

See [url][/url]