ADADCU utility - File Created in EBCDIC for format is not compatible

Hello Team,

Was trying to create a mainframe file using Adabas Manager 8.4, the file seems to be not completely in EBCDIC format. Steps Followed.

  1. Downloaded community edition of ADABAS and Natural for Docker.
  2. Executed ADAULD utility for the sample EMPLOYEES file i.e DBID=12, FILE=11.
  3. Executed ADADCU utility with the options

The Copy of the output file is attached. It contains Alphanumeric Characters in addition to EBCDIC ones.

Pleas guide

MFEmp.txt (1.15 MB)

Hello Sindhu,
Specifying EBCDIC in TARGET_ARCHITECTURE only concerns ALPHA format fields (A). The Wide character fields (W) will not be converted to EBCDIC. Simlilarly, numeric fields with the exception of format U.

There are two sample EMPLOYEES files. The older one does not have W fields and the alphanumeric data happens to be stored in upper case.
When looking at the attached file it seems that you have used the new file.

Bear in mind that the record is formatted depending on the Field description (FDT) of the file.

Please also note that the Adabas Mainframe distribution also includes both sample Employees files.

Kind regards,
Marbod Mueller

Thanks a lot Marbod Mueller for the quick response !!!

So is there a way to Convert “W” fields also to EBCDIC ?


You can do this with ADACMP on the mainframe.

There are parameters that tell how the alpha or wide field is encoded in the input. If the output encoding of ADADCU for W fields is UTF-8 you can use UACODE=4091 and FACODE=37 for EBCDIC Alpha fields.
But it is possible that W fields contain non-Latin characters that will result in non-translatable character replacement in the mainframe database.
But you will have to adapt the LUW-FDT and change the W fields to A for the mainframe FDT.

Preferably you would keep the W fields and specify UWCODE=4091 and FWCODE=4095 and get the W fields loaded in Unicode (UTF-16) encoding on the mainframe.

Kind regards,
Marbod Mueller


Please keep in mind the Adabas Manager supports currently only Adabas on LUW.
For Adabas on mainframe please use AOS (chargeable option) or the Adabas utilities.