Data Transfer from Mainframe to NT


Please see below , the following are the steps i did to transfer data from adabas/mainframe to adabas/NT

  1. DECOMPRESSED data using ADACMP. (e.g - Decompressed say 10,000 records which has got Thai characters)
  2. FTP using binary mode onto PC.
  3. Used CVT_FMT -f <.binary file name> dbid filenumber. ( e.g. - All 10,000 records we received in output file)
  4. Using DBA Workbench, File structure is created from the FDT structure that we get from ADACMP.
  5. We used COMPRESS option from MENU from DBA Workbench to load the data into this file. (e.g. - All 10,000 records were loaded)
  6. When we see the all the records using Natural, we are able to see junk characters in place of Thai characters. All numeric fields were holding right data. English characters were also visibile.

after completing all the steps. when i browse the data using Natural Data browser i am not able to see the thai characters. i need solution very badly. is there any limitation with NPP software provided by software ag or any setting in adacmp to recogonize the thai characters. please help me out in this reg. :?

The problem is that the standard code page translation via CVT_FMT only translates standard US-EBCDIC into US-ASCII characters. The translation table does not include Thai characters.
Instead of using CVT_FMT the utility ADACMP should be used, but with the correct codepage translation table supplied via the userexit ADACMP Userexit 6. For information how please check the Adabas documentation. In case of further question, please contact me at

Using CVT_FMT is no longer the recommended way to transfer data from mainframe to Open Systems. It is recommended to use the FTP site rdw option and to use ADACMP with the parameter RECORD_STRUCTURE=RDW . For more information see the Utilities Manual, chapter ADACMP.

For the code page conversion it is not necessary to write a user exit as Andreas Sch

Hi Wolfgang,

I need trasfer a lot of data (30GB) into an Adabas MF (VSE) and an Adabas C (SuSE).
I use the transfer model of Mukunthan said, but is very slow.

Is possible transfer the data using Protection Log? Or other manner most fast…


Unfortunately the only way is to decompress the data on Mainframe and to compress them again on Open Systems.

Sorry about that.


I saw your comment about the “CVT_FMT no longer the recommended way to transfer data”. We have always been using this - I quess I just wanted reassurance that all packed fields, MU’s, PE’s are handled correctly.

I will try your method. That would be considerable time saver for us. We have 400 GB of data to transfer and load.

I tried the RDW option but I could not get it to work. I FTP’ed using the RDW option and tried to Compress again using the RDW option however it does not work - it always comes back with “0” records compressed.

Hi Garry,

Did you FTP the data as binary?