Reg broker trigger

A broker trigger is kept suspended in both the cluster nodes, yet it is shown as Connected in the client list of the corresponding broker in MWS. Why it is so? Doesn’t this need to be shown as not connected?

wM version is 7.1.2.

Venkat - Publish data , check whether it’s been received by broker, calling its corresponding subscribing service.


Thank you MR. I will try that and update.

Aside to that, all similar clients show the same way. To stop document flow to the disabled trigger which was found to be decommissioned, I removed the doctype from the client subscription but the same can’t be done for other disabled clients. If client status can be controlled from the Trigger management page of IS only, then when the trigger is disabled the clients should show the same. Is this right or am I missing something here?

Hi Venkat,

there is a difference if a trigger is disabled or suspended.

Please check Pub_Sub_Developers_Guide as well as Broker_Administrators_Guide and IS_Administrators_Guide for further informations.

For your information:
Broker 7.1.2 is good for the moment (please make sure you apply Fix17 asap if you have not done so already).
For IS/MWS you should consider an overinstall upgrade to 7.1.3 with latest Fixes asap.

Otherwise you will not be able to upgrade to any newer versions of wM.
At least not without having a lot of manual code rewriting as there very few upgrade pathes available for this version.


Package containing a particular trigger is kept disabled and the client is shown Connected=No in MWS(not shown in trigger list in IS) but documents are getting queued up. This client/trigger can’t be removed but the document flow should be stopped. Aside to removing the doc type subscription, any other way to do this?

What is the reason for disabling the trigger in the package. Leave it enabled and disable the Document Processing from
Settings > Messaging > webMethods Messaging Trigger Management

Venkat – If you don’t want to process the data corresponds to a particular doc type, you better delete it and its corresponding clients Q’s from MWS.