If package is disabled, will Broker place a document in trigger queue?

Hi All,

Can any once clarify me the below one.

I have a document called “StudentInfo”, subcribing by a trigger “StudentTrigger”. Both Document and trigger is in same package called “StudentDemo”. I have disabled the package “StudentDemo” and tried publishing a Student Info document from some other IS conencted by same Broker. Will Broker push/place the “StudentInfo” doc to “StudentTrigger” queue? If Yes, what is the reason for placing the doc in the trigger queue when the package disabled?


You need to understand the basic concept of Publisher and Subscriber.

When you create a publishable document, it creates a broker document in broker server. When you create a trigger that subscribes to this document, it internally creates a trigger client queue and the trigger & service you created is called subscriber. The other IS from where you are publishing is a Publisher.

A publisher can publish data anytime, and there can be one or more subscribers who can subscribe for this data. These subscribers may or may not be online when publishers publishes the message. If they are online (in your case if your package is enabled), the trigger service will immediately get invoked and action is taken place… If they are offline (in your case when your package is disabled), the trigger client queue will hold the documents… As soon as you enable your package, the documents that are queued in the trigger client queue will be processed by the trigger processing service.

This is a simple explanation I can give, but you can find more details in Publish / Subscriber guide…