Refer an applet code outside of project

We have several projects that require access to an applet. The applet is provided by the vendor daega and is called viewone. The vendor provides a folder (v1files) which has all the applet jars and some image/license files. We have to access this folder from all of our projects.

I can put the folder (v1files) manually into a specific project directory (after publishing it to the server). This way I can access the files using /v1files/.

But doing this for every project will be a bad design.

How can I keep this files outside of the projects and still access them?


Hi Vikas,

You can package your applet jar files in a separate war file and then deploy this applet war file in mws. This way you should be able to use the applet across your projects.

Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.